Tips on Moving The Elderly in Houston

Your parents are moving to your city in order to be closer to the grandchildren and in situations like these senior movers in Houston can relieve the stress. The first thing to do is talk with them about the upcoming move, where they will stay and the benefits and drawbacks of the move. By doing this you’re preparing them ahead of time. Here are additional tips.

Get the Whole Family Involved

Since your parents’move is an enormous task that requires planning and a lot of time, you should get assistance from the whole family. Maybe your older siblings can help get your parents’ financial affairs in order before moving while you and your spouse would take care of packing and hiring elderly moving companies in Houston. Your adult children may decide to help your parents unpack once they arrive at the new house.

Organize Items Effectively

When you are assisting your parents with their packing for the move, you’ll need to organize their items in an effective way. Let your parents sort through their belongings and have them decide on which things they will bring to the new home, which ones they will donate and which ones they will give away. Call the moving company at least a month or so before the move to set a date for the pickup and relocation of your parents’ belongings.

On Finding the Right Movers

Take as much time as possible when looking for the right moving company. Contact other relatives or friends who moved recently to see if they can recommend a certain company. Never accept estimates over the phone. You want the mover to visit your parents’ home for a proper estimate of overall costs. Request an explanation of the charges and obtain proof of their license. It also helps to obtain references.

Rent a Storage Unit

If your parents will not take certain items to the new home by way of Houston relocation specialists near me company, then they should consider renting a storage unit that will be large enough to store those items. Most self storage buildings are climate controlled and the cost is affordable.

Customize Your Parents’ Home

While you wait for your parents’ belongings to arrive at their new home, this would be a good time to customize it so that it will be functional yet attractive. Install a walk in shower in the bathroom to minimize falls. Put a rail next to the toilet for your parents’ safety and place all of their most used food staples within arms’ reach in the bottom or middle kitchen cabinet. If you know what their decorating preferences are, add some design features to welcome your parents in their new home.

Add Some Fun

Your parents’ transition doesn’t have to be gloomy. There are ways to have fun in the process. While packing the grandchildren can attempt to dance off of songs that your parents enjoyed in their younger years. Or you can go through old photos and share funny stories of happened when those pictures were taken.

In conclusion, your parents’ move gets stressful at times but with patience, communication and compassion, everything will work out. Plan the move a few months ahead of time and keep a positive attitude during the process.

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