Tips to be alert when moving in Chula Vista

Tips to be alert when moving

Asking for a deposit does seem reasonable enough.  As when you call around for an apartment when you are searching for a new apartment, they want a deposit to secure your new home to make a booking in your name.  Many utility companies still require a deposit for their services as an advance as do many auto repair shops.

So it doesn’t seem that unusual when a moving company asks you for a deposit.  Expect when a moving company is asking for a huge deposit then you should make sure that you are actually dealing with a legit moving company.

When you have any bit of doubt then you should save yourself from scams where you don’t know anything about a moving company that is asking you for a high deposit & you need to do a proper research before hiring a moving company. Call


As a homeowner, if you are very concerned about scams then you have an option of avoiding this scam all together is actually pretty easy. All you have to do is do not use the movers’ truck. Instead, consider a “hybrid move” by either renting a moving truck from a reputable company which you know is a good company, like Budget or reserving a portable storage container, like PODS etc, to be dropped in your driveway as once the container has been dropped in your drive way the transporters are gone. Then hire moving labor (movers without the truck) to come load it for you. Once the truck or storage container is moved to its new location, hire a moving labor crew to do the unloading. By using a third-party transportation company, or by driving your own moving truck, you have complete control over your goods the entire time. This is a foolproof plan which can help you from getting scammed. You can always call the most trusted company also Local Movers Chula Vista

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