Finding The Best Moving Company In Houston Texas

After my husband retired from the service, we decided we wanted to move back to our home state of Texas. Since we had 4 little ones, we purchased a home in Houston, Texas. This home is in a great neighborhood for the children to grow up and it was a short distance to work. As soon as the closing became final, we then had to worry about how to move.

At the time we lived across the country in a 4 bedroom home and only a SUV for transportation. My husband and I called around to different moving companies and U-haul rentals, all of which seemed too costly and unrealistic. We were about ready to give up when we finally called Pack It Movers at (713) 884-0018.

best movers in houston tx

The wonderful representative that spoke with us gave us the price quote well within our budget, explained how the pricing works for the size of home that is being moved, gave us the dates available for the time we needed, even told us they will box everything up and unload it at the new house in Houston, TX. The only requirement necessary for holding the dates and services requested is we put a small deposit down. After we did so, the plan was in motion.

Moving day came and we were ready. I managed to pack our SUV with several days worth of clothing for all of us, some food and drinks, and other necessities needed for our travel. In the mean time my husband directed the movers to what needed to be packed and they did it in a quick timely fashion. Within a matter of hours, our 4 bedroom house was packaged up, secure, and ready to move. The movers gave us an estimated time frame it would take to move to Houston, TX and they were gone.

Knowing the Houston movers packed up the house and were on the road was a huge stress relief. They help turned the nightmare of driving separately in traffic into a great family trip. We got to stop at some attractions along the drive, relax at the hotel, and eat dinners without the tension of driving.

Here is their info if your moving

Pack It Movers
13155 Westheimer Rd #106
Houston, TX 77077
(713) 884-0018

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